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State Performance Reporting

The state legislature created the Council on Local Results and Innovation to develop standard performance measures for cities and counties. The Council released a standard set of performance measures to aid residents, taxpayers and elected officials in determining the efficacy of counties in providing services and measures residents’ opinions of those services. 

In 2011, Dakota County voluntarily agreed to participate in the program. To meet 2013 program requirements, the following results are reported for the 10 adopted measures using the most recent data available.

Beginning in 2013, the Council is requiring participants to report an output and an outcome measure for each of the 10 measures. An output is a metric of government activity, e.g., units produced, goods or service provided, people served. An outcome is what happens as a result of the government activity and can be used to assess whether an activity has the intended effect, e.g., citizen ratings of services, independent assessments of quality.

See the Minnesota Office of the State Auditor website.

Last updated: 1/13/2014 9:52 AM