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SIDS & Shaken Baby Syndrome Training

There are many ways to take the required training for SIDS/Shaken Baby Syndrome. This training is required every five years an before any sub, helper, assistant or caregiver starts working with children. The following are approved training and websites for SIDS/Shaken Baby Syndrome training. A shaken baby syndrome video must be viewed on all years that training is not required.

For further trainings on SIDS and Shaken Baby Syndrome, please check with

Online Courses
The following offer approved online training for SIDS/Shaken Baby Syndrome:

Videos Both the Shaken Baby Syndrome by the Minnesota Hospital Association and the Never Shake a Baby videos approved for annual review.
Portrait of Promise: Video available through the Dakota County Library.

Never Shake a Baby: Video available through Interlibrary Loan from the Dakota County Library.

Last updated: 1/22/2014 9:32 AM