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County Road 47, Hampton to Hastings

Approximately nine miles of pavement will be rehabilitated on County Road 47 (Northfield Boulevard) between Trunk Highway 50 in Hampton and County Road 46 in Marshan Township near Hastings.

County Road 47 from Trunk Highway 50 in Hampton to south of the Trunk Highway 52 interchange in Hampton Township will receive a mill and overlay. Several inches of the existing pavement will be removed, or milled, and replaced with new asphalt. Other work includes the installation of pedestrian curb ramps near Trunk Highway 50 and minor utility adjustments.

Cold inplace recycling of the existing pavement and an overlay will occur on County Road 47 from north of the Trunk Highway 52 interchange in Hampton Township to County Road 46 in Marshan Township. The process of cold inplace recycling involves removing, or milling, some of the existing pavement, crushing the recycled material and mixing it with asphalt emulsion, placing the mixture on the roadway with a paver, and compaction of the mixture. All of this is done as the train of equipment moves down the roadway. The compacted recycled mixture requires time to set up, or “cure,” to prevent damage to the new surface. Additional asphalt will be placed on the new surface after it has had time to fully cure, usually within one to two weeks depending on the weather.

Expect major delays and single-lane traffic. A flagging operation will be in place for much of this work. Where the “cold inplace recycling” process is occurring, expect delays in excess of ten minutes. Consider using alternate routes to minimize travel delays. For the safety of both the travelling public and the workers, please be patient.

Project Timeline:  Sept. 16 – late October 2013

Work on this project is complete. Thank you for your patience and cooperation throughout this project.

CR47Newsletter.pdfCounty Road 47 Newsletter (Sept. 12, 2013)

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