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Planned Road Construction

County Road 9 and Scott County Road 2, Eureka and New Market Townships & Lakeville

Approximately five miles of Dakota County Road 9 (Dodd Boulevard) and Scott County Road 2 (Deuce Road/Dodd Boulevard) will be reconstructed. This project is the reconstruction between Scott County Road 46 in New Market Township and Dakota County Road 70 in Lakeville. In addition, a roundabout will be constructed at the Scott County 2/County Road 46 intersection in New Market Township.

Work in 2014 will include construction of the roundabout at the Scott County Road 2/County Road 46 intersection, box culvert replacement on Dakota County Road 9 approximately 500 feet north of 240th Street, and private utility relocation (gas, telephone, electric, etc.) and tree removal as necessary will occur throughout the project.

The 2015 construction season will include the reconstruction of Dakota County Road 9 and Scott County Road 2 east of the new roundabout. The reconstructed roadway will be a little wider than the existing roadway, but it will still be a two-lane road. Turn lanes or bypass lanes will be added at intersections and the shoulders will be paved.

Project Timeline:  Sept. 2, 2014 – November 2015

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Scott County Road 2/County Road 46
The roundabout is now open.

Scott County Road 2
Scott County Road 2 from approximately 500 feet east of County Road 46 to just south of 259th Street is closed to reconstruct that section of roadway. This section will remain closed to traffic until mid-November. Access to residences will remain open throughout construction; however, access will be limited to only one direction. Traffic will be detoured using Scott County Road 46 and Dakota County Roads 5S and 70. Dodd Boulevard south of Scott County Road 2 will remain open to traffic; however, access to/from Dodd Boulevard will only be from Scott County Road 46.

Dakota County Road 9
Dakota County Road 9 (Dodd Boulevard) between 240th Street and 235th Street is closed to through traffic for the replacement of the Vermillion River bridge. This closure will remain in place until late afternoon on Friday, Oct. 31.

Schedule for Oct. 31 – Nov. 8
Scott County Road 2/County Road 46 intersection

  • Miscellaneous work and cleanup prior to opening the roadway to traffic.

Scott County Road 2 – County Road 46 to 259th Street

  • Grading the roadway up to 259th Street.
  • Culvert installation.
  • Placing aggregate on the roadway.
  • Private utility relocation.

Dakota County Road 9 – 259th Street to County Road 70

  • Restoration of areas disturbed by construction.

Schedules are subject to change due to weather and other unforeseen circumstances.

Any questions or comments concerning this or any highway projects, email Dakota County Transportation Department or phone 952-891-7900.

County Road 9 Newsletter (Aug. 27, 2014)


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