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2014 Overlay Projects

Dakota County will rehabilitate approximately 13 miles of pavement as part of the overlays contract this construction season. Pavement rehabilitation involves removing and replacing asphalt, typically referred to as a “mill and overlay,” on the driving lanes and shoulders of the roadway. The end product will be a better looking, longer lasting and smoother roadway.

However, more than just pavement will be rehabilitated this season. Other work will include miscellaneous concrete work and minor utility adjustments and improvements. In addition, the east parking lot at the Wescott Library will be resurfaced.

Expect short delays and temporary lane closures. Signal systems may be on flashing red (all-way stop) temporarily for some of the construction activities. For the safety of both the residents and the workers, please be patient.

Project Timeline:  May 5–September 2014

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Last updated: 6/27/2014 5:59 AM