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County Road 42 at Highway 52, Rosemount

The Dakota County Transportation Department, in cooperation with MnDOT and the City of Rosemount, is proposing a federal aid project to conduct preliminary engineering and project scoping for the second phase of the design reconstruction of CP 42-82.

The primary purpose of this interchange reconstruction project is to provide for the movement of traffic between the north and east with the closure of TH 52/55 interchange. As part of the Highway 52/42/55 Interchange Partnership Study, it was recommended that the substandard TH 52/55 interchange be eliminated and the common section of TH 55 and CSAH 42 be upgraded to a four-lane continuous east-west facility.

Any questions or comments concerning this or any highway projects, email Dakota County Transportation Department or phone 952-891-7100

2002 Hwy 52, 42, 55 Study Report
2002 Hwy 52 Corridor Management Plan
2003 Approved Layout
2004 Environmental Assessment
2005 Land Use
2006 Right of Way Mapping
2007 Layout Concepts
Public Open House - May 17, 2007
Rosemount Transportation Plan
Summary of Comments Received at May 15 Meeting

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