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Planned Road Construction

County Road 50, Lakeville

Due to increasing traffic delays, a study of the intersection was performed in 2011 which identified a multi-lane roundabout as the preferred intersection control method. This roundabout will improve both safety and traffic flow.

This project will place a strong focus on intersection visibility, lighting, directional signs, and public education on roundabout features and operations. In addition to the roundabout, improvements to this intersection will include the widening of County Highway 50 to Jurel Way to the North, and the widening of County Highway 60 to Orchard Trail to the West.

Project timeline

  • Preliminary Engineering: Winter 2011 to Fall 2012
  • Public Outreach and Communication: Summer 2012 to Summer 2013
  • Environmental Documentation (Project Memo): Summer 2013
  • Final Engineering: Fall 2012 to Winter 2013
  • Right of Way Acquisition: Summer 2013-Spring 2014
  • Construction: Spring 2014 to Fall 2015

Check out the full project webpage at

CR50ProjectLayoutProposedRightofWay.pdfCounty Road 50 Project Layout with Proposed Right of Way
CR50AerialProjectLayoutPropsosedRightofWay.pdfCounty Road 50 Aerial Project Layout with Propsosed Right of Way
CR50-60100PlanSet.pdfCounty Road 50 - 100 Percent Construction Plan

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