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Highway 52 and CSAH 86, Randolph Township

​Dakota County and the Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn/DOT) are cooperating on the design and construction of a grade separation at Trunk Highway (TH) 52 and County State Aid Highway (CSAH) 86 (280th Street) in Randolph Township.  This project will also include reconstruction of 1.3 miles of CSAH 86 (Rochester Boulevard) from TH 52 to the east county line.

Parclo Interchange is preferred alternative
Alternative B (Parclo Interchange) has been chosen as  the preferred alternative. The Parclo interchange has the function of the diamond interchange (Alternative  C), but the two on-ramps to TH 52 are bent around, so they fit better. The loop ramps serve as on-ramps to TH 52 and the directional ramps serve as off-ramps to CSAH 86. Freeway acceleration and deceleration lanes are used on TH 52 and intersection is used at CSAH 86. Notice on the west side of the attached layout that Harry Avenue shares the intersection with two of the ramps.

Since 2008, there have been 14 injury crashes and 21 property damage crashes reported at the intersection of TH 52 and CSAH 86, including a fatal crash in 2013.  Of the 35 reported crashes, 19 have been right-angle crashes. 

The intersection is on the 2006 Top 200 list for crashes and is ranked #152 in the State and #86 in the Metro area.

Project Purpose
This project proposes to convert the existing at-grade intersection to an overpass at TH 52 and CSAH 86. The design includes ramps in the northwest and southeast quadrants that will enter and exit from the right lane of TH 52 with right turns only.  All traffic crossing the highway or making left turns at the intersection would utilize the overpass, thereby providing greater safety for both through traffic and traffic turning at the intersection. There is a need to reduce the conflict points thereby reducing/eliminating the left turn and right angle crashes at this intersection.

The timeline therefore requires moving quickly in preliminary design engineering. MnDOT layout approval is needed in early April 2014, and a 30 percent design layout is required by the end of May 2014. Right of way needs will need to be established by the end of August 2014.

For more information regarding this study, email John Sass at or call 952-891-7130.

Public meeting
An open house was held Tuesday, Jan. 28 from 5-7 p.m. at Cannon Falls City Hall.
Interchange design alternatives configurations and related impacts of converting the existing at-grade intersection to an overpass at TH 52 and CSAH 86 where presented.  Overpass alignments and three ramp configuration options where presented.


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