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Master Recycler/Composter Program

The Master Recycler/Composter program provides training on waste reduction, recycling, composting and solid waste. The program extends over a 6-week period with one 3-hour class each week. Participants receive a training handbook, engage in hands-on demonstrations, hear presentations from local and regional experts, and go on field trips to relevant sites.

Graduates agree to volunteer 30 hours putting their skills to work to help others learn the three Rs:

  • Reduce the amount of natural resources used
  • Reuse goods
  • Recycle what cannot be salvaged

Graduates have the opportunity to staff informational booths at community events, make presentations, and work on special projects in their neighborhoods, schools, and workplaces.

Upcoming Classes
Thursdays, Oct. 6- Nov. 10
6-9 p.m.
Lebanon Hills Visitor Center, 580 Cliff Road, Eagan

Cost: $30 fee covers course materials and field trip transportation 

Register now
To ensure a positive learning experience and adequate support for volunteers, class size is limited to 30 people on a first-come, first-served basis. All applicants will receive notification of their status in the class and next steps. A waiting list is available. Register now.

If you would like to receive an update for the next class, please contact Jenny Kedward at  952-891-7043 or

Benefits of becoming a Master Recycler/Composter
Master Recycler/Composters gain knowledge from experts, obtain experience educating others in the community, and receive the satisfaction of having an impact on this important issue.

You will also meet others who are excited about waste reduction and have the chance to inspire others to help reduce waste in Dakota County.

Course overview
The program consists of six mandatory weeknight classes and two optional field trips. Each class will bring in local and regional leaders to discuss topics such as thoughtful consumption, recycling and waste history, hazardous household products, organic waste diversion, and how to inspire others to change their behavior.

The course is a blend of presentations by professionals in the field, hands-on demonstrations and project development with peers.

Participant responsibilities
Participants agree to attend all classes. Although field trips are optional, attending is highly encouraged as each will give a better understanding of waste management in the region. 

After completing the course, graduates agree to volunteer 30 hours of public outreach. Giving back is what makes the Master Recycler/Composter program so special: Participants put their skills to work by helping others learn to reduce their waste and create a better environment.

Along with your Master Recycler/Composter peers, Dakota County staff is available to help you be successful in your outreach. Resources such as brochures and educational displays are available.

Master Recycler/Composters will be notified of many opportunities to complete their volunteer hours.

Participants are encouraged to partner together to work on a project or to have a buddy to join in the recycling fun.

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