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Commercial Organics Haulers

​Organics are food scraps, food-soiled paper products, and plant materials generated as part of routine business or employee activities. Several commercial waste haulers offer organics collection to Dakota County businesses. Some take organics to a compost facility to be turned into compost for use in gardens, landscape projects, construction developments and farms.

Others will collect used cooking grease and oils as well as fatty animal by-products materials for rendering at specialized facilities. These materials are rendered into ingredients used in animal feed.

Organics are exempt from state solid waste taxes and typically stay in the regionally economy, which can save money and help create local jobs. Get started with commercial organics collection by contacting one of the service providers below:

Allied Waste/Republic Services

Dick's Sanitation, Inc.

Randy's Sanitation, Inc. 

Sanimax (organics only) 

Troje's Trash & Recycling

Waste Management – Burnsville

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