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Hazardous Waste & Toxicity Reduction

Using & Storing Household Chemicals

​Always use and store household chemicals and other household hazardous waste according to the instructions on the label—it provides the most effective and safest way to do so.

When using products

  • More isn’t better. Using more of a product than the label suggests does not give better results, it only costs you more and increases your chemical exposure.
  • Clean up. If you spill a product or if it is leaking, make sure to clean it up immediately.
  • Don’t mix. Never mix products together. When mixed, some chemicals can react to form harmful gases.

When storing products

  • Store it where the label says. Some products can undergo chemical reactions if stored improperly. Avoid issues by always following the storage instructions on the label.
  • Keep it in its container. When possible, keep products in the original package.
  • Label it. Make sure you can always tell what is in each package. If the label is coming off, make a new one. If you need to put the product in a different container, make sure it is clearly labeled and dated.

Last updated: 3/4/2014 9:38 AM