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Application Guidelines

Minimum farmland requirements
Landowners with at least 40 acres of farmland located in rural Dakota County, within a half-mile of a river or lake or adjacent to protected land, with at least 75 percent prime soils, and that are at least 50 percent farmed are eligible to participate in the agricultural protection component of the program.

Natural area requirements
Natural area landowners can either sell or donate an easement or fee title to the County. In the case of fee title acquisition, a non-County government entity (e.g., a city or the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources) would be involved in eventual ownership and management of the land.

Complete guidelines
The FNAPGuidelines.pdfProgram Guidelines include different prioritization criteria for farmland and natural area projects. These criteria are used to evaluate, score and rank each project.

Last updated: 11/5/2015 6:00 AM