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Step-by-Step Process

Applications for the Farmland and Natural Areas Program go through an extensive approval process. Here is the step-by-step process a successful application goes through:

1. Landowner submits a Pre-Application Form.

2. County staff reviews pre-applications for completeness and for program eligibility.

3. County staff informs the landowner of project status (eligible or ineligible).

4. County staff schedules an onsite meeting with the landowner to:

  • Discuss the project
  • Discuss the FNAP criteria
  • Conduct a basic site assessment, and
  • Discuss next steps

5. Landowner submits a Final Application.

6. County staff prepares information and materials for Staff committee review. (The criteria for scoring are included in a 31-page detailed description of the Farmland and Natural Areas Program application process, Application, Review, and Negotiation. Contact staff if you would like a copy.)

7. Staff committee reviews, evaluates, scores and ranks projects.

8. Staff committee recommends projects to the County Board for continued consideration.

9. County Board considers recommended projects and authorizes which ones will move forward for an appraisal and continued consideration.

10. Landowner signs a Commitment of Interest Agreement and submits a refundable check for $750.

11. Appraisals are conducted (at the County's expense).

12. Discussions begin between the County and the landowner and other project partners.

13. Projects are finalized and presented to the Staff committee for a final review and funding recommendation.

14. Final projects are presented to the County Board for final funding approval.

15. Baseline Property Reports and Stewardship or Natural Resource Management Plans are jointly developed and approved by parties.

16. County Board-approved projects are closed and easements are recorded.

17. Stewardship/Natural Resource Management Plans are implemented and easements are annually monitored.

Last updated: 11/5/2015 6:00 AM