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ShoreHolders Program

Dakota County has many miles of shoreland and substantial floodplain areas. The County’s ShoreHolders program gives landowners the ability to achieve permanent protection of water and land by installing 150-foot shoreland buffers along waterways.

Payment will be offered to willing landowners for a permanent conservation easement on 150-foot buffer areas or filter strips along rivers and stream. Landowners retain the rights to use or sell the easement area, but they may not develop the property.

These buffers help intercept pollutants, prevent erosion, and reduce impacts of high-water events.

Funding has been provided for shoreland protection, restoration or enhancement from the Outdoor Heritage Fund, one of four funds created by the Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment; the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund, generated by the Minnesota State Lottery; and other sources. Proposed payment for conservation easements is determined by a formula approved by the Dakota County Board of Commissioners, based on the type of land use/habitat, percentage of tax-assessed value, or real-estate appraisal.

Last updated: 1/28/2016 8:37 AM