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Cell Phones, PDAs & Other Wireless Communication Tools

Before donating or recycling your cell phone or other hand-held communication device:
  • Remove personal data (such as phone numbers and emails)
  • Deactivate service
  • Fully discharge the battery and turn off the power 

The Minnesota Zoo's Recycle for Rainforests program, Call2Recycle and the Call to Protect Program accept cell phones for reuse. Visit their Web sites for more information.  



Best Buy and Office Depot recycle used cell phones. Drop-off is available at select retail locations. Sprint, Verizon Wireless and AT&T provide free recycling of phones. Drop-off is available at retail locations. Check with your cell phone service provider to see if they recycle their phones.

Bring to The Recycling Zone or another local electronics recycler. Do not place in the garbage. 

For more donation and recycling options in the Twin Cities area, including programs offered by manufacturers and local retail stores, visit Rethink Recycling.

Did you know? The average cell phone life span is approximately 18 months. More than 125 million cell phones are thrown out each year, resulting in more than 65,000 tons of waste.

Information on this page applies to households ONLY. Different rules may apply to businesses in Dakota County.

Last updated: 11/10/2015 4:33 AM