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Medicine & Prescription Drugs

Over-the-counter medications and prescription drugs can pollute waters and be harmful to humans, fish, and other wildlife when disposed of improperly — do not flush medications down the toilet or place in the trash.

Properly disposing of medicines is important to prevent abuse or poisoning and protect the environment. 

Prescription and over-the-counter medications are collected anonymously from residents for free at Dakota County drop-off locations. Visit the Dakota County Sheriff's Office Prescription Drug Drop-Off page for the list of drop-off sites and information about the program.

Keep medicine in the original container and cross out your name on the container. Place loose pills and liquids into a clear plastic bag and seal tightly.

Cancer-treating drugs, needles and sharps are not accepted at the medication drop boxes. Bring these items to The Recycling Zone. The Recycling Zone does not accept prescription or over-the-counter medication.

Information on this page applies to households ONLY. Different rules may apply to businesses in Dakota County.

Last updated: 2/2/2015 9:09 AM