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Reuse, Recycling & Waste Reduction

For Businesses

The commercial sector generates more than half of the total waste in Dakota County, and nearly two-thirds of the waste created at businesses and non-profits is recyclable. A strong recycling program conserves natural resources, can help your bottom line, and demonstrates your organization’s commitment to sustainability and the community.

And now recycling is required for many businesses. Commercial building owners in Dakota County housing retail, restaurants, educational and professional services, health care services or any other business with a North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) code between 42 and 81 and contracting disposal for at least four cubic yards of solid waste per week must implement recycling of at least three materials, such as paper, organics, glass, plastic and metal (Minnesota Statute 115A.151).

Dakota County offers funding assistance, bin labels  and technical assistance  to help businesses, including non-organizations and multi-unit dwellings, start or improve recycling programs.



Last updated: 8/1/2016 4:39 AM