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How to Recycle

recycling binsWhether you are looking to start or expand your recycling program, here are three simple steps to get your business or organization on the right recycling track:

Step 1: Look in the bin
Take a look in the trash bins inside and outside of your business—you might just be throwing away money.

  • Perform a quick visual assessment of trash bins and containers and write down the most common recyclable materials you find.
  • Visit the Resources page to find organizations that provide waste audit services for businesses or use our resources to conduct your own waste sort. Also, some waste haulers will provide a waste audit to identify recycling opportunities.

2. Talk to your trash hauler
Make sure you’re getting the most out of your business’s recycling program.

  • Call your hauler to ask about recycling collection and materials accepted or check the Commercial Recycling Service Providers. You can also use the Business Recycling Guide to find recycling drop-off centers or pick-up services.
  • If you increase recycling collection, ask your hauler for a smaller trash dumpster or reduce collection frequency to reduce your costs.

3.  Start or expand recycling
Well-placed recycling bins and informed employees that know what to recycle will help make your program a success.

  • Place a separate recycling bin next to all regular trash containers.
  • Label your recycling and trash bins, so employees and visitors know what types of items to recycle. 
  • Train staff on what to throw away, and what and where to recycle and where. Employee participation and training is critical to success.
  • See if organics recycling is right for your business.

Last updated: 12/22/2015 9:36 AM