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Reuse, Recycling & Waste Reduction

Recycling at small events & parties

​Birthday parties and family events can create unnecessary trash. Make a difference at your get-togethers by recycling and reducing waste.

Visit the Rethink Recycling page to learn how to coordinate a green event from start to finish.

Party preparation

  • Consider distributing invitations electronically to reduce paper waste.  If you prefer paper invitations, purchase invitations that say “made from post-consumer recycled materials.”
  • Buy products in containers that can be easily recycled such as aluminum, glass, plastic and paper. If you can’t use reusable cups, purchase clear cups for easy recycling.
  • Gather or rent reusable plates, cups, silverware and linens. If food vendors will be present, select food vendors that offer washable plates, silverware and linens. 
  • Choose decorations and display materials that can be reused or recycled.
  • Work with food vendors far in advance from the event, and encourage appropriate portion control to minimize food waste. 

At your party or small event

  • Offer condiments in bulk instead of individually-wrapped servings.  For example, provide a sugar bowl instead of individually-wrapped packets.
  • Make recycling easy for your guests by providing recycling containers for cans, bottles and other recyclables. Every trash bin should have a recycling bin next to it. Label the bins so guests know what they can recycle. Free signs are available on the Rethink Recycling website. 
  • Collect and compost fruit and vegetable scraps in your backyard compost bin. Encourage your guests to reuse their cups. If you are using disposable cups, provide a marker and ask guests to label them.

Disposal options
Recycle what you collect:

Compost the organics you collect:

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