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Reuse, Recycling & Waste Reduction

Recycling Basics

Recycling takes our used products and makes them into raw materials for new products. More and more products on the shelves today are being made partially or entirely out of recycled materials. Recycling:

  • Reduces the amount of trash in the landfill.
  • Uses less energy than it does to make a new product from scratch.
  • Conserves natural resources.
  • Creates jobs. For every 10,000 tons of recycled items, 32.6 jobs are supported compared to only 6.46 jobs supported when the same amount of waste is landfilled.

Dakota County residents and businesses recycle more than 50 percent of materials—one of the highest recycling rates in the Twin Cities metro area. But there are many new opportunities to help us do even better. 

Recycling at home: Information about what is accepted in curbside recycling programs.
Recycling at small events and parties: Celebrate right at family gatherings and other events.
Recycling at community festivals and large events: Celebrate right at large events.
Recycling on-the-go: Tips for recycling while traveling around town or far away.
Green Guide: Find out how to get rid of items you can’t put in your curbside recycling cart.

Recycle more than you think

Dakota County households aren’t the only ones tossing cartons into curbside recycling. A regional campaign by Rethink Recycling is encouraging Twin Cities metro area residents in six different counties to start recycling cartons — and they’re being rewarded for their commitment. To learn more, visit


Last updated: 9/27/2016 10:16 AM