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Business Fluorescent Lamp and Electronic Collection Program

​Electronics and spent fluorescent bulbs are collected for a fee from businesses at The Recycling Zone on the second Tuesday of every month from 9 a.m.–2 p.m.

Fluorescent bulbs and electronics contain hazardous components. Therefore, it is illegal to throw them in the trash. Fluorescent bulbs contain mercury and electronics contain toxic materials such as lead, PCBs, mercury and cadmium.

Current disposal and recycling costs (prices subject to change)

  • Four foot and shorter straight fluorescent bulbs—$0.25 each
  • Five foot and longer straight fluorescent bulbs—$0.45 each
  • Compact fluorescent bulbs—$0.40 each
  • Shatter-shielded fluorescent bulbs—$1.40 each
  • U-shaped and circular fluorescent bulbs—$0.45 each
  • HID and low-pressure sodium bulbs—$1.10 each
  • Broken bulbs (packaged in sealed containers)—$1.00 each or $1.00 per pound
  • Non-PCB ballasts—$0.70 per pound
  • PCB ballasts—$1.18 per pound
  • Mercury devices (thermostats, switches, thermometers, relays, manometers, barometers, thermocouples, gauges, etc.)—$4.80 per pound
  • Electronics—$0.35 per pound
  • Batteries—$5.78 per pound
  • Neon bulbs—$1.94 per pound
  • Capacitor or transformer—$4.85 per pound

Transporting fluorescent bulbs

When transporting fluorescent bulbs to The Recycling Zone, remember to count each type of bulb and bring the count with you. Transport bulbs in original cartons or similar containers to prevent breakage. Broken bulbs are considerably more expensive to recycle.  And, don’t tape bulbs together.

Cash, check or Visa/MasterCard payment is due at the time of delivery. Make checks payable to: Dakota County Property Taxation & Records. Businesses receive a tracking receipt upon payment.

Free disposal for Xcel customers
One visit per year, you can bring in your Xcel utility statement and receive free disposal of up to 10 fluorescent bulbs.

For more information, call the Dakota County Environmental Resources Department at 952-891-7557.

Last updated: 6/5/2015 8:19 AM