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Additional Services

​The following services are also available at The Recycling Zone during all open hours.

Get money for your aluminum cans
Gopher Resource Corporation buys aluminum cans from residents and businesses at The Recycling Zone. Call 651-905-4520 for can redemption prices.

Buy a compost bin
Gopher Resource Corporation sells backyard compost bins. The bin fits in any car. Call 651-905-4520 for availability and price.

Exchange your lead sinkers
Detoxify your tackle box. Bring in your lead sinkers and exchange them for free non-toxic sinkers. One package per customer.

Exchange your mercury thermometer
Make your home safer.  Exchange your mercury fever thermometer for a digital one. 

Pick up free products
The Recycling Zone makes products brought in for disposal—such as paint, cleaners, fertilizers and solvents—available for free to visitors if they are still useable.

Last updated: 10/3/2016 9:23 AM