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County Solid Waste Master Plan

Dakota County is currently revising its  SolidWasteMasterPlan.pdf2012-2030 County Solid Waste Master Plan. The revised plan will provide a framework for proper waste management within Dakota County for 2017-2037. The plan will include near-, mid- and long-term strategies to divert waste from the landfill and comply with state mandates.

Get involved
You and everyone in Dakota County make daily decisions that may produce waste, which is why you should be involved in this process. The Solid Waste Master Plan revisions will impact residents, businesses, haulers and waste facilities. Necessary partnerships and feedback from you will shape future strategies and implementation.

Dakota County’s first step of the process is engaging residents, businesses, public entities, and waste haulers and facilities to:

  1. Learn how the current Master Plan and strategies in the Metropolitan Solid Waste Management Policy Plan are viewed by different stakeholders.
  2. Collect survey data and feedback from stakeholders to best inform the County throughout the revision process.
  3. Provide accurate, relevant and timely information to help all of those involved.
  4. Gather feedback, ideas and opinions to assess solid waste management challenges, determine opportunities, identify barriers to implementation and understand the level of support for proposed strategies.

Dakota County will use the feedback when drafting waste diversion strategies to be incorporated into the revised 2017–2037 Solid Waste Master Plan.

Tentative project schedule

  • Phase 1 – Stakeholder Engagement (October 2016–February 2017)
  • Phase 2 – Draft Solid Waste Master Plan Strategies (January 2017–May 2017)
  • Phase 3 – Draft and revise Solid Waste Master Plan (June 2017–October 2017)
  • Phase 4 – Solid Waste Master Plan finalization and approval (October 2017–December 2017)

To sign up for updates regarding the Solid Waste Master Plan revision or to learn more about engagement opportunities, please contact Caroline McFadden at

Last updated: 9/29/2016 5:00 AM