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Septic Systems

​All townships (except Randolph) and cities (except Randolph and New Trier) regulate septic systems through their own ordinance based on the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency sewage system rules and Dakota County Ordinance 113 – Subsurface Sewage Treatment Systems

Dakota County’s responsibility for septic systems includes:

  • Regulating septic systems in the shoreland/floodplain areas of townships and in the cities of Randolph and New Trier.
  • Maintaining County Ordinance 113 as the minimum septic standard throughout Dakota County.
  • Mailing septic tank pump reminder postcards for most townships and some cities.
  • Receiving septic pump logs from all pumpers in Dakota County.
  • Receiving as-built records from all cities and townships.

Whether your existing septic system needs to be repaired or pumped or you need a new system designed and installed, the work must be done by a licensed septic professional. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency maintains a list of septic professionals that are licensed to install, inspect, design and pump/maintain septic systems.

This list does not represent endorsement by the County or the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. All users of the list are responsible for ensuring that any company with whom they contract for products and/or services comply with the requirements of local, state, and federal laws.

Septic professionals may work anywhere in Minnesota and are not restricted to the city or county in which their company is located.

Last updated: 6/26/2015 8:39 AM