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Available EDGE Courses

  Enrollees must withdraw at least 72 hours prior to the class to avoid being charged.  Dakota County reserves the right to charge the cost of the class if an employee does not withdraw 72 hours prior to the class.

 General Courses

  • Course Name Date Time Location Fee Register
    Delivering Gracious ServiceApril 23, 20151-4 PMNSC 520$85 Register
    First Aid - Medical EmergenciesApril 23, 20158:30 - 11:30 AMNSC 110C$85 Register
    Understanding Russian CultureJune 10, 20151 - 4 PMWSC L139$85 Register
    Using Brain Mapping Research to Improve CommunicationMay 12, 20151-4 PMNSC 520$85 Register
    Caretaking for the ElderlyMay 13, 20158:30 - 10:30 AMNSC 110C$75 Register
    Adult, Child and Infant CPRMay 14, 20158:30-11:30 AMWSC L139$85 Register
    Understanding AutismMay 26, 20151 - 4 PMNSC 520$85 Register
    Becoming Resilient in Today's WorkplaceMay 6, 20151-4 PMNSC 110C$85 Register

 Technical Courses

  • Course Name Date Time Location Fee Register
    MS PowerPoint IntermediateMay 12, 20158:30 AM - 12:30 PMNSC 120$85 Register
    MS Access IntroMay 5, 201512:30 - 4:30 PMNSC 120$85 Register
    MS Word Beyond the BasicsMay 7, 201512:30 - 4:30 PMNSC 120$85 Register

 General Course Descriptions

Delivering Gracious Service
Today, providing high quality service is the key to satisfying the public. Extending consistently excellent service also builds a direct road to improved customer satisfaction results. So, is there a different way to look at helping your customers and will it build a culture of world-class service?
Delivering gracious service is a big step forward in customer care. Gracious service is demonstrating a heartfelt passion to serve customers. The Delivering Gracious Service Workshop will provide participants with new ways to show their consideration and willingness to deliver outstanding service.
Becoming Resilient in Today’s Workplace
This workshop takes a deep dive and explores the personal characteristics associated with being able to positively cope with unexpected challenges. It’s important to learn and understand strategies to understand the impact when we are feeling depleted at work.  Create the mental toughness that allows you to take on the stresses of the doing the daily grind.
By attending this session, attendees will:
·        Define resiliency and understand how self-efficacy contributes to building balance in an   unbalanced world
·        Explore the relationship between resiliency, stress and mental toughness
·        Learn ways of becoming more “stress hardy” while maintaining your sanity
Using Brain Mapping Research to Improve Communication
Would you like to be able to communicate to others more effectively? Ever wondered if there is a faster way to learn? The Brain Mapping Workshop is an exciting look into how the human brain is wired. You’ll get a chance to determine how you are wired. Also, we’ll look at how to communicate more effectively with others both one-on-one and in group settings. All participants will find the information practical, motivating, and useful at work and at home.  
Participants will be instructed in the correct procedures in the administration of first-aid to the sick/injured.  Learn to identify and care for persons in shock, with fractures, and other injuries/conditions—including bleeding, strains, sprains, seizures, diabetes, etc.  A study book is included.  Following the class, a certificate of completion will be given to students.  Develop your confidence so you don’t panic and can be ready to help someone!
Adult, Child, and Infant CPR
Learn how to deal with a respiratory emergency and give first aid for a cardiac emergency!  This class focuses on injury prevention, recognizing an emergency and basic first aid.  Following discussion and demonstration, participants will perform CPR techniques on mannequins and learn FBAO removal (foreign body airway obstruction) for infant, child and adults.  Also, participants will learn how a defibrillator works and its importance in life threatening situations. Those successfully completing the course will receive certification in CPR.  This course is recommended for anyone who has never had CPR training or is looking to refresh his or her emergency skills.
Understanding Autism
With a diagnosis rate of 1 in 68, autism spectrum disorder is the fastest growing developmental disorder in our state. Since 1971 the Autism Society of Minnesota (AuSM) has offered valuable resources, life-changing programs and much needed services to individuals, families, caregivers, educators, therapy professionals and more.
A diagnosis of autism is overwhelming and comes with a flood of difficult questions and even harder answers. AuSM has been providing newly diagnosed families and individuals a soft place to land – a place to learn, access services, and develop skills for navigating what may now seem like foreign emotions and information.
Please join us as we explore autism and work to understand how it affects families, co-workers, and individuals living on the spectrum.
Caretaking for the Elderly
You might not think of yourself as a caregiver. After all, you’re just doing what a good daughter does for her mother; a friend does for a friend; or a husband does for a wife. You may not even like the term. However, if you are helping a friend or older family member who can no longer manage needs they once handled themselves, you have become a caregiver.
Though there are many rewards to caregiving, balancing responsibilities may, at times, be frustrating; you may feel guilty, anxious, meet resistance where there should be thankfulness, feel alone, or angry that others don’t know what you’re experiencing. Balancing your multiple roles and being aware of your feelings while gaining some strategies and resources are keys to the ability to continue providing care.
This workshop will provide a general overview of issues and services to help you plan ahead and avoid pitfalls down the road. You’ll come away with a much better idea of how to take care of yourself as a caregiver, access community resources, assess different care options, and broach the topic of care preferences with siblings and with a parent in a way that decreases resistance and enhances the likelihood of a positive outcome.
Understanding Russian Culture
This training will focus on Russian immigrants from the former Soviet Union and Russia.  This course will provide participants with a broad perspective of the people, their unique history, art, philosophy, social relationships, interests, skills, and value system.  Participants will gain knowledge of the culture as well as learn to assess situations within a culturally sensitive framework. The main goal of the presentation/training is to explore the ways in which service providers can work together with the Russian immigrant population.

 Technical Course Descriptions

MS Access Intro
Prerequisite:  The student must have mastered the topics presented in the Introduction to Windows course or equivalent. Previous experience working with Excel lists or other databases is helpful.
The objective of this course is to learn the features that will assist you in setting up a database and using basic features, including how to:
·          Identify field and tables needs for a database
·          Identify basic database terminology including relational database, primary keys, and foreign keys
·          Work with a database window including opening objects
·          Create a new database
·          Create new tables by importing data and setting tables from scratch
·          Enter data
·          Viewing data
·          Create Auto Forms
·          Filter the data in a table
MS Word Beyond the Basics
Prerequisite:  The student must have mastered the topics presented in the Introduction to Word Class or equivalent.
The objective of this course is to learn the features that will enhance the formatting of Word documents, including how to:
·        Using Smart Tags for smart copy, cutting, and pasting.
·        Create, edit, and format tables
·        Create and edit tab settings in a document
·        Create and edit indented text including bulleted and numbered text
·        Add borders and shading to paragraphs or documents
·        Add page numbering
·        Add headers and footers
·        Add Quick Part entries
MS PowerPoint Intermediate
Prerequisite:  The student must have mastered the topics presented in the PowerPoint Introduction course or equivalent. The objective of this course is to learn the features that will enhance the slides in your presentations and those features that will assist you during presentations, including how to:
·        Guidelines for the best presentations.
·        Reusing slides from other presentations without the pain of copy and paste.
·        Create a basic data chart.
·        Animate charts.
·        Create and edit SmartArt.
·        Animate SmartArt.
·        Animate Text (bullet points) and Picture objects on slides.
·        Add hyperlinks.
·        Add sound and video.
·        Adding narration to slides.
·        Using slide show mouse techniques.
·        Saving the presentation as a slide show.
·        Adding timing to slides.
·        Add Action Buttons to control the movement through slides.
·        Create a Photo Album.
·        Create sophisticated handouts by exporting to Word.

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