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Dakota County SHIP Strategies

​Dakota County SHIP aims to prevent chronic disease leading to healthier residents and reduced health care costs. The Dakota County SHIP project uses the strategies below to make the healthy choice the easy choice.

Healthy eating and physical activity in school
Smart Choices helps schools in Dakota County to improve access to healthy food and increase physical activity. Initiatives like salad bars and healthy snacks help kids make better food choices, and active classroom breaks and recess periods not only improve students’ health, but also impacts learning.

Laying a healthy foundation in child care
Child care providers in Dakota County are offering healthy eating through programs like Learning About Nutrition through Activities (LANA), and building physical activity into young children's days through programs such as I am Moving, I am Learning (IMIL). Childcare providers also have the opportunity to learn about ways to support a breastfeeding mom and breastfed baby in their home or center. Read the latest issue of the Watermelon and Wiggles Newsletter.

Smoke-free housing
Dakota County partners with the Association for Nonsmokers – Minnesota (ANSR) to increase the number of smoke-free multi-unit housing buildings in Dakota County. ANSR's Live Smoke Free program provides assistance and resources to residents, property managers, and owners including presentations, resident surveys, sample policy language, signage, and enforcement and promotion tools.

Active living/active transportation
The Active Living Dakota County coalition seeks to make it easier to bike, walk, and access transit in cities and the county.

Healthy food in the community
Dakota County works with the The Open Door and other community partners to make it easier for people to get fresh fruits and vegetables through food shelves and farmers markets.

Creating a culture of health at worksites
Dakota County works with HealthSource Solutions to assist local worksites to determine organizational needs and implement sustainable worksite wellness strategies that increase healthy eating and physical activity, support breastfeeding and reduce tobacco use and exposure to secondhand smoke.

Health care linkages to support healthy lifestyles
Dakota County SHIP partners with health care providers to focus on chronic disease prevention. Dakota County SHIP also works to increase community-based chronic disease prevention and healthy lifestyle supports for patient referrals.

Last updated: 1/28/2015 2:59 AM