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Sleep On It Campaign

The death of an infant is devastating in itself, but when a home day care provider loses a child in their care because of unsafe sleep practices they can expect a lot more devastation to come their way.

Such a death will lead to child protection investigations, criminal investigations, license revocation, possible criminal prosecution and potential civil lawsuits. A day care provider’s life will change forever—and not for the better.

Sleep On It, a combined effort of the Dakota County Attorney’s Office and Dakota County Community Services Division, is reminding home day care providers to comply with Minnesota law when they lay infants down for naps by asking them one simple question:
Would you want to live with this?

Sleep On ItTraining sessions
Free training sessions remind home day care providers to follow safe sleeping practices for infants. By doing so, providers will not only save lives, but protect themselves in the process.

No registration is required. For more information, call 952-891-7400.

The sessions meet the SUID training requirement for providers, and registration is not necessary to attend. For more information, call the Social Services main line at 952-891-7400 or email

Promotional materials
To receive free promotional material about the campaign, contact Regan Carstensen at 651-438-4235 or

Last updated: 12/5/2014 3:49 PM