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Jobs for Volunteers Without a Healthcare License

Child Care: Assist with child care 

Driver: Transport people to and from the site or event 

Educator: Provide basic information (verbally or with a video presentation) about the situation, the disease, the medication and/or vaccine 

Express Dispenser: Give out medications at the site 

Food Canteen Worker: Set up and manage canteen area 

Forms Clerk: Make sure forms are complete, direct patients to the next station 

Greeter: Greet people and assist them in completing forms 

Handyperson: Perform simple repair jobs, sand bagger, haul debris, etc. 

Heavy Labor: Set up tables, chairs, and other items 

Registration Clerk: Welcome patients, assure eligibility, handout forms and answer questions 

Staff Support: Monitor area for workers to rest and eat 

Supply Staff: Monitor supply inventory at work stations and deliver needed supplies 

Usher: Assist clients in moving through clinic process

Job that require specific skills
Computer/Audiovisual (requires knowledge of computer and/or audiovisual skills): Assist with communication equipment including telephones, two-way radios, laptop or desk top computers, internet connectivity, network connectivity printers, copiers 

Data Entry: Enter data and check information as needed 

Interpreter (requires foreign language skills): Interpret verbal and written information between staff and clients

Last updated: 11/12/2012 10:25 AM