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Creating a Walking Plan

You can make walking a lifetime activity by developing a walking plan. Put the plan into action by following these tips.

Set a goal that is right for you
If you aren’t active now, begin by walking five to ten minutes a few days each week. Then gradually increase over time. Aim to be active for 30 minutes, five days of the week.

Make it a priority
Choose a time to walk regularly, such as in the morning after getting kids on the bus, during your lunch break or after dinner. Specify the days you will walk and mark it on your tracking log.

Get support
Find friends, co-workers or family who will join you on some of your walks. People who buddy up for physical activity are more likely to stick with it.

Focus on time, not distance
It is easier to mark your progress by the number of minutes you walk, rather than distance. Research shows that walking for just ten minutes, three times a day can improve your health.

Track your time
Keeping track is a powerful tool to making lasting changes. Record your activity on your calendar or use a Simple Steps tracking log.

Last updated: 3/15/2013 4:45 AM