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Staying Motivated

Staying motivated doesn’t have to be hard. Use these strategies to help you manage difficult times and make lasting changes.

Walk with friends
Make walking a social appointment—it makes the time fly by and increases your commitment when others are depending on you.

Keep a journal
Record your successes for the day, how you dealt with barriers and how you feel about your progress.

Pay attention to the benefits
Are you feeling better? Do your clothes fit better? Is your blood pressure down? Are you less irritable? Do you have more energy? Check out the Ten Health Benefits from Regular Walking.

Plan for barriers
Plan for events that might disrupt your walking routine. For example, if it’s too hot or cold, walk indoors or on a treadmill.

Vary your walking routes
A change of scenery adds variety. Explore a different park in Dakota County each week. Have an indoor walking route planned for bad weather.

Sign-up for a community run or walk
Planning to participate in an upcoming walking event can keep you motivated to stay active.

Last updated: 3/31/2016 9:03 AM