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Simple Steps Success Stories

Many Simple Steps participants have shared their success stories - read about how regular walking has made a difference in their lives!

“Have done this for years and love it! It keeps me going and I feel healthy. It keeps me aware of exercise, walk more places and park farther out in parking lots.”  
Diane (Apple Valley)

“Nothing fancy for this story. Just started small — walking in my neighborhood then a bit more each day. Kept trying for 10,000 steps. Walked around the lake adding steps and took some lovely pictures! Got up the courage to do the Susan Komen “Walk for the Cure” and finished the race (5K)! Enjoy walking in some new places and encourage my friends and family to get out and take a stroll.” - Roxy (Lakeville)

“I have noticed since I have signed up, I am making myself accountable to walking more everywhere: at work, to the store, even parking farther from door entrances of stores.” - Kathleen (South St. Paul)

"We want to let you know how the Simple Steps program has helped us: I am walking farther in the same amount of time, and I walk more often throughout the day — and my dog thanks you, too!  I also push myself to use the elliptical at least 10 minutes per day, and I’m finding I don’t have to push myself as hard to get down and do it. Also, I went swimming and paddle-boating with the grandkids on vacation, and if I didn’t get in at least an hour of walking each day I felt rotten! Walking with friends and seeing new places makes the time fly by!  Thanks for giving me the initiative to get up and get going."   -Bev (Hastings)

“I set an alarm on my phone that goes off every morning at 6am and says "get up and go walk." I treat it as a meeting with myself. I don't cancel meetings with my supervisor, so why would I cancel a meeting with myself? Instead of after-work coffee dates or happy hours, I’ve been recommending we go for a walk! It’s nice to be able to include others as well. I’ve lost 5.5 lbs. and have more energy. If I don’t walk I don't feel like myself.  I’ve also enjoyed learning new walking routes in my neighborhood and connecting with friends. But the most important thing for me is the accountability!”   -Kelli (Eagan)

“I lost 50 pounds 4 years ago and kept off the weight by walking/running. I changed my life by just exercising first thing after I wake up. I also try and get in an afternoon or evening walk or bike ride. Making myself a priority has really kept the weight off. The more fit I am, the better I feel.”  - Lorraine (Inver Grove Heights)

“I am feeling alive and vibrant again. Recently I purchased a family dog so I could be able to "have a good excuse" to exercise.  (LOL) Wow - I love it! Working in an office all day makes you tired and sluggish. As soon as I return home, I put on my tennis shoes and head out for another adventure. Thanks for this opportunity. It will save my life and others.”          - Jennifer (Eagan)

“I began Simple Steps on April ‎1‎st‎.  ‎I have been walking at least ‎30 ‎minutes or more each day‎.  ‎I LOVE it‎!  ‎I try to walk over ‎my lunch break and then again when I get home at night with my family‎.  ‎I am already feeling better and I also have noticed ‎that my clothes seem to fit better as well‎.  ‎Amazing how a regular walk can make a person feel so much healthier‎!  ‎I have ‎also started drinking more water and eating healthier meals‎.  ‎I hope that my husband and kids see the difference it can make ‎and get on board with me‎!  ‎Thanks Simple Steps‎!”‎   – Jennifer (Lakeville)

“There is a new employee in my office and I enjoy walking with her outside for ‎30 ‎minutes every lunch day that it is possible‎.  ‎It ‎has given me energy and a new outlook on working harder in the office‎!  ‎I really enjoy walking with my new friend‎.  ‎It makes ‎my day complete‎!”                   – Kimberly (Lakeville)

"My husband and I have enjoyed what even just a little extra walking has added to our lives‎. ‎We have noticed small businesses in our city than we would have before‎, ‎and we’ve even helped the local community by picking up trash on our ‎way‎. ‎The weather has been beautiful‎, ‎and these extra moments outside are a gift with how fleeting the weather can be!"              Andrea (Eagan)

"I started Simple Steps a year ago with a couple of my co‎-‎workers‎. ‎It‎’‎s great during lunch to enjoy some nice weather and ‎get some exercise‎. It has also been a nice ‎"‎break‎/‎outlet‎" ‎to get out and do something good for my mind and my body‎. ‎I would highly encourage others to take a healthier step forward and join Simple Steps‎! ‎It has made me stronger and keeps me feeling refreshed in stressful moments‎. ‎Now that the weather is getting nice again it’s time to get out and walk‎!"   Amber (Prescott)

"I have gone from almost no walking to regularly hiking local trails with my family. When I first started this spring, walking just 2 miles was painful and exhausting. But over the last few months I have worked my way up to doing 4-7 miles on the trails. My brother and I have noticed how much shorter it seems each day as we are losing weight and regaining endurance. So far I have worked up to walking just over 10 miles in a day and I felt amazing after that. I have set a goal of doing a 14-mile hike for my 40th birthday. My brother has scheduled the day off work and plans to join me. I try to do destination walking but the lack of sidewalks in my city makes walking with small children dangerous."                                 Victoria (Apple Valley)

"Since participating in Simple Steps my husband and I have discovered several Dakota County Parks through Simple Steps ‎newsletter‎. ‎It was fun finding new parks close by‎. ‎We enjoyed all the trails, and we wear our Simple Steps caps while walking‎."               Carol (Eagan)

"Two ‎years ago I could not walk more than a very short distance because of arthritis in my back‎. ‎I had a lumbar fusion in Sept of ‎ 2009 ‎and began to walk short distances several times a week‎. ‎ Over the next two years I increased my walking distance ‎(‎now ‎up to ‎5‎-‎7 ‎miles a day‎) ‎and the number of days that I walk ‎(‎now I walk every day either at the mall or outside)‎. ‎I have also started walking with a friend over the last several months which holds me accountable for walking every weekday and I have‎ enjoyed walking with my family on the weekends‎. ‎An added benefit is that I have lost ‎50 ‎pounds over these two years‎! ‎I have ‎ so much more energy and I sleep great‎!‎"                  Julie (Burnsville) 

"Simple Steps has had a wonderfully positive effect on me both physically and emotionally‎. ‎On a recent visit to the doctor I ‎ was told my average blood sugar was ‎"‎excellent‎." I showed the doctor my Simple Steps calendars and was congratulated‎. ‎That felt good‎.‎ Nothing brings me more serenity than an outdoor walk‎. I enjoy the peace of nature‎. ‎If I am stressed‎, ‎the walk diminishes the stress‎. ‎It is for me and me alone, and as a woman I need that‎.‎ Marking the time on the Simple Steps calendar does wonders for my‎ self-esteem and keeps me committed‎.‎"                          Diane (Eagan)

"During the school year‎, ‎a group of moms get together for coffee every Monday morning‎. ‎I have gotten in the habit of walking ‎to our weekly get‎-‎together instead of driving‎, ‎I probably walk ‎2-‎3 ‎miles on those days‎!"          Lori (Inver Grove Heights)

“I like the fact that you encourage us to get walking partners. It’s not so easy to say "ohforgetaboutit" when you are accountable to another person. I'm feeling the health benefits of almost daily walking and loving it. Thanks!”     Deb (Hastings)

“I have added more steps to my day by being conscious of how much I have walked. I've tried new routes in adding more walking and have tried walking with new people and that adds another dimension to the benefits. It certainly helps with stress which seems to be increasing. My walks take me outside in fresh air and usually sunshine which adds vitamin D to help with stress. Thanks for bringing the program to Dakota County! It works great!!!”              Kathy (Bloomington)

“Thank you Dakota County and the Simple Steps program. This program has kept me motivated to walk as many days a week as possible. I enjoy spending time with coworkers outside of the office environment. Everyone is more relaxed and we can talk about anything. Since I have walked at least 30 minutes for 5-6 days each week in June, I have lost 8 pounds. As another bonus, I have managed to get my husband to walk with me one morning each weekend and he is not even a part of the program.”                Karen (Farmington)

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