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Walking with Children

Getting your children to join you for a walk can be an ordeal, but the effort is worthwhile. Your child will benefit throughout their life if you can create a positive attitude toward physical activity.

Try these tips to keep walking with your kids interesting.

Walk to destinations
Include playgrounds, streams, parks and other points of interest on your walking route. Take pictures and keep a walking scrapbook.

Explore nature
Take along guidebooks for flowers, trees, birds and try to "bag" new examples on each walk.

Map it out
Give your child the map and teach him or her how to read maps, identify north and south, and navigate. Encourage the child to draw a map of the route as you go.

Question of the Day
Use the walking time to really get to know your child. Have a question of the day to explore beliefs, values, and talents.

Last updated: 3/15/2013 4:46 AM