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Help Me Grow Screening & Evaluation

A screening is a quick look at how a child is learning and growing. Screenings are done by early intervention professionals using simple questionnaires or talking with you about your child’s development. If there are concerns, a child may have a delay in development or a condition that might result in a delay, an evaluation can be done.

The purpose of a multidisciplinary evaluation/assessment is to find out:
  • The nature of your child’s strengths, delays, or difficulties, and
  • Whether or not your child is eligible for early intervention services.

Multidisciplinary means that the evaluation group is made up of qualified people who have different areas of training and experience. Together, they know about children’s speech and language skills, physical abilities, hearing and vision, and other important areas of development. They know how to work with children, even very young ones, to discover if a child has a problem or is developing within normal ranges.

The assessment helps the team find out how the child functions in five areas of development: cognitive development, physical development, communication, social-emotional development, and adaptive development.

Last updated: 11/12/2012 10:26 AM