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Geologic Atlast Dakota County, MN Atlas C-6 1990

Dakota County bedrock and surficial geology

Surficial Geology ArcInfo Data Files and Metadata

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Plate 1 – Data-base map: Locations of all features and data utilized in producing the atlas maps.

Plate 2 – Bedrock geology: The first sedimentary rock formation encountered at the surface or beneath soil cover.

Plate 3 – Surficial geology: If rock is not exposed at the surface, this map depicts the unconsolidated materials (soils) that are present, as well as their origins.

Plate 4 – Depth to bedrock and bedrock topography: If all the unconsolidated materials (soils) were stripped away, this map would represent the bedrock surface, including buried bedrock valleys. Colors indicate the approximate thickness of the unconsolidated materials (soils) cover over the bedrock.

Plate 5 – Quaternary hydrogeology: Depth to the shallow ground water table and the approximate thickness of the first aquifer (water-bearing formation).

Plate 6 – Bedrock hydrogeology: Depth to the bedrock ground water table (unconfined) or potentiometric surface (confined) of the Prairie du Chien-Jordan aquifer, the primary drinking water supply for the County.

Plate 7 – Sensitivity of the Prairie du Chien-Jorden aquifer to pollution: Colors indicate how easily the primary bedrock aquifer may be contaminated [cool (blue) to warm (red)].

Plate 8 – Geology and well construction: Indicates which ground water aquifers are recommended as safe drinking water supplies and how wells should be constructed properly to safeguard both the water’s use and it’s source.

Plate 9 – Geologic resources: Depicts and describes the locations of economic resources of sands, gravels, and sedimentary rock formations.


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