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Recording Property Documents

Plat Recording

Plats are reviewed by the Dakota County Plat Commission to ensure they meet guidelines of County Ordinance 108 – Contiguous Plats.  To start the process, contact the County Surveyor Office at 952-891-7087.

Before a final plat is submitted to the Board of Commissioners for approval, plat recording documents must be filed with Property Taxation & Records.

In keeping with the spirit of Minnesota Statute 357.182, Subd. 3, when any recording requirements are not satisfied within 30 days from the day of submission to the county Surveyor's Office, the County Recorder will reject the plat and notify the contact person to make arrangements for the rejected plat to be returned to its owner.  Authority for this policy resides in Minnesota Statutes 272.12, 272.121, 357.182, Subd.3 and 505.04.

Plat recording requirements
For all plats
1. Ownership must match tax, deed and certificate records.  If they do not match, transfer documents must accompany plat showing transfer to owner stated on the plat.

2. All full year current and delinquent taxes must be paid prior to submitting.

3. Recording and filing fees must accompany plat when presenting to Property Taxation & Records.

No plats will be put on County Board agenda until all of the full year current and delinquent taxes are paid and required documents (right of access deeds, etc.) are submitted.

For plats contiguous to County roads
Plat will be placed on the County Board Agenda only when all recording requirements above have been satisfied.

For Torrens or part Torrens plats
No contiguous plats will be put on the County Board agenda nor will any regular plats be processed until all full year current and delinquent taxes are paid and required documents (Consents, Satisfaction of Mortgages, Street Vacations, Examiner's Directives, Right of Access deeds and releases for Public Easements) are submitted.

Last updated: 11/12/2012 10:27 AM