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Monica Jensen

Murder Charges Filed in West St. Paul Homicide - Diego, Rosario, Farmer
Dakota County Attorney James Backstrom stated that charges of First Degree Murder (involving attempted aggravated robbery) and Second Degree Murder (with intent to kill) were filed today against Donovan Michael Diego (age 18 at the time of the incident) of St. Paul; Christino Andres Rosario (age 16 at the time of the incident) of St. Paul; and Malik Jamal Alize Farmer (age 17 at the time of the incident) of St. Paul in connection with the shooting death of Luis David Reyes-Galvan, age 31, which occurred outside the victim’s West St. Paul residence on January 11, 2013.

The complaints filed today in connection with this matter allege that the defendants planned on committing a burglary and robbery at the victim’s West St. Paul home during the evening of January 11, 2013.  The defendants had obtained guns to be used in connection with this planned crime in a separate burglary that had occurred at a home on Harmon Avenue in West St. Paul the previous day.  When one of the defendants first approached the victim’s residence on January 11, 2013, no one responded to a knock on the door.  They then waited in a nearby vehicle until the victim returned home.  When the victim returned to his home with his 10-year old daughter and 12-year old nephew, he parked his car and they started to walk toward the victim’s home.  The victim’s daughter told police that she saw two men approaching her father from both sides carrying guns, and she and her cousin went inside the house.  The victim then turned and confronted the men approaching and punches were thrown.  Two or three gun shots were then heard and police were called to the scene.  A neighbor reported seeing a dark colored SUV speed away shortly after hearing the gun shots.  The victim was immediately transported to Regions Hospital in St. Paul where he was pronounced dead.  The autopsy conducted determined that the victim died from bleeding due to one gunshot wound that entered his left shoulder area and exited from his right chest area.

Additional facts pertaining the identification of the defendants and evidence recovered during the course of this investigation can be found in the criminal complaints filed online at
Backstrom indicated that a grand jury will be convened to review the facts and circumstances surrounding the death of Luis Reyes-Galvan as required by law in any case involving charges of First Degree Murder.  Backstrom also indicated that under Minnesota law the filing of First Degree Murder charges against a person who is 16 or 17 years old automatically moves the prosecution of the case to adult court.

Backstrom commented:  “This is another crime of violence involving guns which has tragically taken a life in our community.  Our sympathy is extended to the family and friends of Luis Reyes-Galvan”

Farmer is expected to make his first court appearance in this matter later today.  The other two defendants, who are in custody, will make their first court appearance next week. 

If you have questions, contact James Backstrom at 651-438-4440.

*Criminal charges are not evidence of guilt.  A defendant/suspect is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.