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County Road 5 Interchange at Highway 13

Work on this project is complete. Thank you for your patience and cooperation throughout this project.

Project background
A new interchange is being constructed at County Road 5 and Trunk Highway 13 in Burnsville. Work included construction of a bridge, ramps, loop, retaining and noise walls, updating public utilities (storm sewer, water main, and sanitary sewer), relocating private utilities, upgrading signal systems, and improvements to the frontage roads. These improvements will increase safety and improve traffic flow at this intersection.

Relocation of private utilities began in September 2012. The construction contract was awarded in December 2012. The majority of construction on County Road 5, the frontage roads, and retaining walls occurred in 2013. Construction of the bridge, ramps, loop, and work on Trunk Highway 13 occurred in 2014. Project completion will be in summer 2015.

For additional information on this project, see State Highway 13 and CSAH 5 Interchange Study Information.

Any questions or comments concerning this or any highway projects, email Dakota County Transportation Department or phone 952-891-7900.


Last updated: 7/2/2015 6:38 AM