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Planned Road Construction

County Road 42 at Highway 52, Rosemount


The Dakota County Transportation Department, in cooperation with the City of Rosemount, is proposing a federal aid project to conduct preliminary engineering and right of way acquisition for the reconstruction of the CSAH 42/TH 52 Interchange.

The primary purpose of this interchange reconstruction project is to address safety concerns of the Highway 52/42 interchange, which include sight distance and geometric issues that have contributed to a crash rate that is above the statewide average at this interchange.  As part of the Highway 52/42/55 Interchange Partnership Study, it was recommended that the CSAH 42 be upgraded to a four-lane continuous east-west facility.

This project is the first phase of a proposed future system interchange for the TH 52/CSAH 42/TH 55 corridor. The system interchange was evaluated as part of the Highway 52/42/55 Interchange Partnership Study. 

Open House Meeting - Oct. 19, 2016, 4:30-6:30 p.m.
Rosemount Community Center CR42US52OpenHouse_101916.pdfOpen House Information

CR42US52OpenHousePresentation_101916.pdfOpen House Displays

Project timeline

  • October 2016: Open house for construction staging and information
  • October 2016–February 2017: Plan completion and project bidding
  • March 2016: Award of construction contract
  • April 2016–November 2016: Construction

Stakeholder Meeting - Dec. 15, 2015
CR42StakeholderMeetingSummary.pdfStakeholder Meeting Summary
CR42BridgeViews.pdfBridge Views

CR42-Hwy52ConceptLayout.pdfConcept Layout
2002 Hwy 52, 42, 55 Study Report
2002 Hwy 52 Corridor Management Plan
2004 Environmental Assessment
Rosemount Transportation Plan 
CR42-Hwy52StakeholderMeeting.pdfProperty Owners' Meeting Summary (July 2015)

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