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County Road 64 & 31, Farmington

Dakota County and the City of Farmington are planning improvements to County Road 64 (195th Street) from Flagstaff Avenue to Diamond Path and to County Road 31 (Pilot Knob Road) from south of County Road 64 to 190th Street.

County Road 64 will be reconstructed to a 3-lane highway (center left turn lane) with curb and gutter, trails along both sides of the roadway, and a pedestrian tunnel will be constructed under County Road 64 at Meadowview Elementary. Roundabout intersections are planned at three locations along County Road 64, including Flagstaff Avenue, Pilot Knob Road and Akin Road.

County Road 31 will also be widened to a 4-lane highway from 190th Street through the County Road 64 roundabout intersection. Construction is scheduled to begin in spring 2015. See the latest project layout.

General Information
SpeedLimits.pdfHow are Speed Limits Set?
SchoolSpeedLimits.pdfSchool Speed Limits
Roundabouts: How to Drive
Roundabouts: Pedestrians/Cyclists
Intersection Conflict Points
Traffic Volumes
Crash Summary: Flagstaff to Everest Path
Crash Summary: Eureka to Akin

Open House #1 - March 6, 2014
Flagstaff Intersection Assessment
Pilot Knob Intersection Assessment
Akin Intersection Assessment
Project Schedule
County Road 64 Overall Concept Layout
County Road 31 Concept Layout
CR64PublicComments_030614.pdfOpen House #1 Comments & Responses

 Open House #2 - Oct. 22, 2014
CR64WhyCloseRoad.pdfWhy Close the Road?
CR64StagingConsiderations.pdfStaging Considerations
CR64DraftStagingPlan.pdfDraft Staging Plan
CR64OverallLayout.pdfOverall Layout

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