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CSAH 50 and CSAH 60 Study, Lakeville

​CSAH 50 and CSAH 60 are both currently two-lane undivided highways which are projected to carry more than 25,000 vehicles by the year 2030. The intersection of these two highways is currently controlled with a traffic signal and is already experiencing operational challenges. A thorough analysis of needs of the intersection and evaluation of alternatives including signal and round-about concept took place in 2011 to ensure the most appropriate design and to minimize project costs.

The study assessed traffic conditions at the intersection in consideration of the current and long-term needs of both the highway 50 and 60 road segments. Various intersection designs including signalized and roundabout traffic control were evaluated to determine the preferred alternative.

In August 2011, a multi-lane roundabout was selected as the recommended improvement measure for the intersection.

CSAH 50 & CSAH 60 Executive Summary
CSAH 50 & CSAH 60 Full Report

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