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CSAH 32 Extension Study

Extending County State Aid Highway (CSAH) 32 east of Rich Valley Boulevard to TH 52 has been noted by many governmental agencies in previous planning documents. One of the primary goals of this extension is to provide better east-west continuity across Dakota County. This would provide more options for east-west flow and reduce pressure on other critical east-west routes such as CSAH 42.

The CSAH 32 Extension Study was initiated to provide a more detailed investigation of traffic and planning issues, to identify potential alternatives and impacts, and to seek public and agency input on potential alternatives to extend CSAH 32.

CSAH 32 Extension Study
Figure 1 - Study Area
Figure 2 - Land Use
Existing and Future Traffic/Existing Access
Figure 3A - Traffic Turning Movement Counts
Figure 4 - Alternative 1A
Figure 5 - Alternative 1B
Figure 6 - Alternative 2A
Figure 7 - Alternative 2B
Figure 8 - Alternative 3A
Figure 9 - Alternative 3B
Figure 11 - Alternative 4
Figure 12 - Roadway Spacing
Figure 13 - Preferred Alternative
Table 1 - Alternatives Evaluation Matrix

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