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County Road 50 Corridor Study, Lakeville

​Dakota County and the city of Lakeville are currently designing a multi-lane roundabout at the intersection of CSAH 50 (Kenwood Trail) & CSAH 60 (185th Street) to address existing capacity issues at the intersection. Through the public involvement process for the roundabout, concerns were raised regarding the affect the roundabout would have on the CSAH 50 corridor to the south. 

The Dakota County Transportation Plan also identifies that this segment of roadway is approaching its capacity. The County and City therefore are partnering in a study to identify short-term and long-term needs along CSAH 50 from south of CSAH 60 (185th Street) to CSAH 23 (Cedar Avenue).

Phase 1
The study has been split into two phases. The first phase covers CSAH 50 from CSAH 60 to CSAH 9 (Dodd Boulevard).  The main objectives of this study are:

  • To develop short-term and long-term corridor improvement needs, including intersection traffic control, access, and local street connections.
  • To determine how CSAH 50 traffic would operate with a roundabout at CSAH 60, including if gaps along CSAH 50 would be sufficient to allow sidestreet traffic to enter the roadway.

Background (updated 3-21)
Model Considerations (updated 3-21)
CSAH50StudyModelResults.pdfModel Results (updated 7-1)
Summary (updated 3-21)

Study Report
County Road 50 Study Report
County Road 50 Access Control Plan
County Road 50 Appendix A – Traffic Counts
County Road 50 Appendix B – Public Involvement
County Road 50 Appendix C – Model Calibration
County Road 50 Appendix D – Model Volumes
CountyRoad50AppendixE.pdfCounty Road 50 Appendix E - Detailed VISSIM Results

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