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CSAH 73 (Oakdale Ave) and CSAH 8 (Wentworth Ave) Intersection Control Evaluation Report

The intersection of Dakota County Highway 73 (Oakdale Avenue) and Dakota County Highway 8 (Wentworth Avenue) in West St. Paul is one of the busiest intersections under Dakota County’s jurisdiction controlled with all-way stop signs. The purpose of this Feasibility Study is:

1. To determine the most appropriate long-term level of traffic control for the intersection.

2. If a change in traffic control is needed, to determine in what year that change should occur.

The traffic control alternatives are analyzed in the existing, near-term (Year 2010), and long-term horizons (Year 2030).

CSAH73CSAH8ControlEvaluationReport.pdfCSAH 73 & CSAH 8 Intersection Control Evaluation Report


Last updated: 11/12/2012 10:29 AM