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East-West Corridor Study

The Dakota County East-West Corridor Preservation Study was completed in June 2003. This study assessed the transportation system needs for the rapidly growing area in the Lakeville, Farmington and Empire Township communities in southern Dakota County.

The focus of this study was to address east-west transportation system deficiencies and to identify preservation corridors for future east-west roadway connections. Five preservation corridors were identified and adopted by the affected communities. These corridors preserve east-west arterial roadway system potential between I-35 on the west and TH 3 on the east.

Tehe more recent study is a follow-up “Phase II” effort that focuses on three east-west preservation corridor alignment segments that need further assessment/definition based on current information. 

EastWestStudyPhase1.pdfEast-West Corridor Preservation Study Phase 1 (2003)
EastWestStudyPhase2.pdfEast-West Corridor Preservation Study Phase 2 (2006)

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