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Hastings Roadway Study

The goal of the study was to identify a long–term vision for a system of collector and arterial roadways in the potential growth areas south and west of the city that would provide for the future development of a safe and efficient system of roadways in the Hastings area.

The final study recommendations were adopted by the City of Hastings and Dakota County in early 2009.  The identified Preferred Roadway Network is displayed in Figure 5. It is anticipated that the roadway network vision will be developed as land use changes occur.

Hastings Roadway Study Final Report 
Figure 1 - Study Focus Area 
Figure 2 - Issues Map 
Figure 3 - Planned Land Use 
Figure 4A-4F - Alternatives 
Figure 5 - Preferred Network 
Appendix A 
Appendix B 
Appendix C 
Appendix D 
Appendix E
Appendix F

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