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Interstate 35-CSAH 50 Ultimate Interchange Improvements, Lakeville

​Dakota County completed a study outlining improvements to the Interstate 35-CSAH 50 Interchange in Lakeville. The study improvements include:

  • CSAH 50 (Kenwood Trail) – Upgrade from four-lane divided to six-lane divided between 172nd Street and Kenrick Avenue. This improvement will take place with the ultimate CSAH 50/I-35 interchange improvements that have already been officially mapped by the City. These improvements are on the regional highway system and are primarily Mn/DOT's responsibility. The timing of these projects are uncertain.
  • Interstate 35 – Upgrade from four-lane divided to six-lane divided from CSAH 70 to existing six-lane segment just south of the I-35/CSAH 50 interchange.
  • Ultimate Interchange Improvements – Interim improvements have been completed at the I-35/CSAH 50 interchange. However, additional improvements are needed to improve the operation of this interchange. The ultimate interchange improvements have been approved by the city, county and Mn/DOT. I-35CSAH50UltimateInterchangeImprovementsMap.pdfSee a map of the ultimate interchange layout.

Official mapping
A strategy to preserve right of way is to adopt an official map. An official map was developed by the City of Lakeville and identifies the centerline and right of way needed for the future I-35/CSAH 50 Ultimate Interchange Improvements.

The official mapping process allows the City to control proposed development within an identified area and to influence development on adjacent parcels. The City has completed the official map of the CSAH 50/I-35 ultimate interchange improvements.


Last updated: 9/2/2014 10:14 AM