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Rosemount/Empire/UMore Transportation System Study

Dakota County, the City of Rosemount, Empire Township, the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources partnered in 2009 to study and plan for the future transportation needs in the UMore and Vermillion Highlands area.

The result of these efforts is a plan that will reduce overall costs and allow for greater collaboration between agencies as land use changes occur in the area. It will also help us create a transportation system that works for residents well into the future. The recommended corridors are in Figure 16 of the final report.

If you have any questions regarding the results of this study, please contact:

Brian K. Sorenson, PE
Transportation Program Engineer

Rosemount/Empire/UMore Transportation System Study Final Report
Attachment A: Purpose/Need
Attachment B: Open House Summaries and Comments
Attachment C: Corridor Evaluation
Attachment D: Resolutions/Letters of Support  

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