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TH 13 and CSAH 5 Interchange Study

Traffic volumes have increased in the area of Trunk Highway (TH) 13 /County State Aid Highway (CSAH) 5 to the point that the traffic demand is exceeding the capacity of the at-grade intersection which, in turn, results in extended periods of heavy congestion and a high number of crashes. The higher than average crash rate is in large part due to the number of vehicles using the signalized intersection as well as the number of access points within close proximity of the intersection.

TH13CSAH5ConstructionStagingLayouts.pdfTH 13 & CSAH 5 Construction Staging Layouts
TH13CSAH5EnvironmentalAssessment.pdfTH 13 & CSAH 5 Environmental Assessment
TH13CSAH5FactsConclusions.pdfTH 13 & CSAH 5 Finding of Facts & Conclusions
TH13CSAH5ApprovedLayout.pdfTH 13 & CSAH 5 Approved Layout
TH13CorridorVisionMap.pdfTH 13 Corridor Vision Map
TH13May2011Layout.pdfTH 13 & CSAH 5 May 2011 Layout
TH13StageTrafficConstruction.pdfStage Traffic & Construction Text
CP5-41SpecsPlans.pdfCP 5-41 Specs & Plans
CP5-41Addendum1.pdfCP 5-41 Addendum #1

Last updated: 4/8/2013 5:05 AM