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Raise a Reader

Resources & Links

​Here are some more resources that will help you get your child ready to learn.

Storybird: Website that let’s children tell the story. A variety of artwork in different styles is provided, and you write the story. Digital stories can be easily shared with family far away. Free, registration required.

Free apps for your iPhone/iPad
International Children’s Digital Library: This one-of-a-kind library is devoted to children’s books from around the world, many of which are not available in any other format, in many different languages. The site’s interface is designed based on research by children —you can search by color of cover and other kid friendly ways.

Squiggles: Touchscreens are great for those little hands that don’t have the fine motor skills to use the mouse or even grasp a crayon yet. This open-ended app encourages creativity. When children are done and press go, their scene comes to life, teaching them that the marks they make are meaningful.

Alien Assignments: Children must interact with their environment to accomplish their mission of helping the aliens fix their spaceship. It has a scavenger hunt feel, where children must take a picture of “something you sit on” so the computer can fix the captain’s chair, or take a picture of “something smelly” to fix the garbage disposal. This app requires getting up, moving around, and talking with an adult.

Last updated: 5/19/2016 4:50 AM