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Greenway Collaborative

People want trails, clean water and open space. The County and its cities recognize the demand for this, building impressive systems anchored on their parks, but these aren’t always connected or coordinated to maximize benefits to the community.

The Greenway Collaborative pools county, city, state and other resources to connect city parks, regional parks, rivers, wetlands, open space, existing trails and activity centers in a cohesive system.

A vision of an interconnected greenways
The greenway vision identifies 200 miles of regional greenway, two-thirds of which are on land currently in public or semipublic ownership.

More than just trails
Greenways serve four primary functions in one corridor: they improve water quality, connect wildlife habitat, provide recreation, and they provide non-motorized transportation.

For more information about the Greenway Collaborative, read the GreenwayGuidebook.pdfGreenway Guidebook.

Last updated: 2/6/2015 2:40 AM